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Mapping is a technique quite used nowadays because it gives lots of exposure to the artists (or the brands) involved in its production. Although that kind of shows have enormous costs because of the highly specialized equipment used, they are built on a really simple principle: we make a video projection fit onto the features of a façade or another usually three-dimensional element, and through anamorphism and other optical/audio effects we create perceptual illusions on the viewer.

I’m Raimon Guarro i Nogués and I’m luckily interested in many other things besides mapping. I’m also lucky because many things I’m doing now professionally have something to do with me becoming interested for this technique some years ago. That’s why I started this page project, having in mind to publish here, in a more or less monographic way, things about mapping and other light-related shows: learning and production resources, what is happening on the artistic panorama, or my own activity in this area.

This page is mainly intended to a spanish speaking audience, but for the sake of widening it at most I like to include also catalan and english content from time to time. I also try to publish regularly at which is my main website. Above all keep in mind that english is not my main language, so please excuse any mistakes.

Hope you enjoy what’s here and if you want to be updated about my artistic/publishing activity, subscribe to the newsletter by using the form in the sidebar. Thanks!