Màpping de veritat, interactive version

Although I’ve already done some experimentations with the interactive possibilities of Màpping de veritat a month ago or so, it was past saturday when I had the chance to exhibit an improved version of this work. It was at Keyframebcn.

Keyframebcn defines itself as video creators meeting. This edition took place at Hangar. I would like to give my thanks to all organisation, other artists and attendants who make possible this great meeting.

I did almost nothing to the audio analysis part since I had no time to improve my skills on this area by then. But since the installation had a continuous play and shared with other pieces the attention of the audience, I added a couple of things to the Puredata patch:

  • make different clips/scenes load in a random way
  • and make them last for a random time between 1 and 120 seconds

This way the installation (which has no sound) interacted with the music that other artists played together with their visuals, and I was almost freed from having to attend it since the initial parameters I put at first on the patch worked fairly well all the time.

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