First interactive experiment with cello and “Màpping de veritat”

For three whole weeks on this year’s july I had the opportunity to take part in an artistic residency in Medialab-Prado, a citizen lab in Madrid, in the context of the Interactivos’16 program. There I was mainly investing my time to learn Puredata, a visual programming language originally geared to audio synthesis but with applications in many fields nowadays, including interactive. Soon I’ll publish right here in spanish language some documentation about that process.

What I’m showing here is one of the first experiments I did with what I learned, when I was back from Madrid. For all those experiments I used what is currently my test-field for mapping, a project called Màpping de veritat (which in catalan means something like “true mapping”) If you want to know a bit more about it, have a look at . On this video, I’m playing cello and the sound is captured by a microphone and enters a Puredata little program (a //patch//). There is a pitch and amplitude detection which affects the speed and placement in time of the video that is projected over the drawing. I hope you like it!

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